Ed Brodsky

Ed Brodsky began his professional art career at the age of 9 by helping his Grandfather paint signs for the local Brooklyn food merchants. 
These signs often had large pictures of fish and chickens, announcing that these items were on sale.
At the age of sixteen he lied about his age and got a job running a proof press on the night shift for the New York Herald Tribune.
He attended art school, took night courses, and ultimately earned his MFA at Syracuse University.
Ed was an Art Director at Doyle Dane Bernbach and a founding partner of the design & advertising firm Lubell.Brodsky.Inc. He has 
received over one hundred creative awards for work done on behalf of a long list of important and prestigious clients.
He has lectured about creativity and has conducted design workshops throughout the world. Ed is a former President of 
The Art Directors Club, served as a board member of the Type Directors Club, directed the MFA program at Marywood University, 
taught for over two decades at The School of Visual Arts, and chaired the 
Art & Advertising Advisory Board at New York City Technical College. 
His career is now going full cycle, as he once again finds himself drawing fish and chickens.